Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tall skim vanilla latte for Frankenstein, please

Starbucks Gossip has a great comment thread and link to a story about the fake names people give when they order coffee at Starbucks. (Not all baristas ask for a name, apparently just when it's busy and there might be 18 tall skim lattes on the same counter.)

This reminds me of when Lisa, Sue and I went to Davanni's Pizza in college and gave the names "Marcia," "Jan," and "Cindy" respectively. We thought we were such comedians, but then there was a long gap between two of the names being called out and it didn't quite work out as funny as we'd have liked.


beanspants1 said...

so did marcia, marcia, marcia get her coffee first?

GoBetty said...

You goofs.

sarcastic journalist said...

I'm personally fond of giving the name "Oprah" at the counter.