Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Come As You Are

Kurt Cobain would have been 40 today.

And about all I have to say about that is that now that I live in Washington, I have been to Abderdeen, and if there was ever a town that needed an entire trip to a White Sale and a couple million gallons of paint, that town is it. Every house we saw was chipping and peeling paint and had either horribly ancient faded curtains or sheets in the windows in place of curtains.

In a small, sad way, I kind of like the idea that there is really only a very small number of people alive who will get what Kurt meant to some of us in his generation. Rob and I heard about his death in 1994 in Vancouver, B.C., on a press tour where everyone was much older than us, and no one understood the loss, while we were all frantically trying to get Canada's lame MuchMusic to break away from its taped programming and actually report. (I do love you, Canada, but that was unforgivable.)

I know that I understand the Beatles in a very different way than my sister who graduated in 1964, for example, but thanks to the Baby Boom, there are zillions of people with Beatles influences. Nirvana influences and memories feel rarer.


mindyfromohio said...

I hadn't realized that, but I think my iPod did. It kept picking Nirvana songs yesterday.

ginevra said...

I'm with you - I did love Nirvana in what would've been considered a mainstream fashion (buying Nevermind BEFORE Bleach, 14, living in DC instead of west coast) but I still remember watching MTV that day and feeling so sad. And I will love Courtney in an oh-so-Sassy magazine way forever because of her reading of the note.

Kaijsa said...

The memorial at the Center was so crazy and sad. I'll never forget Courtney and how sad and angry she was. I was 20 when Kurt died and can remember not believing my coworker when she told me he was dead because he'd ODed a couple of weeks earlier and I thought she was confused. It didn't help that she was my mom's age and called him "that creepy singer you like."

litlnemo said...

I just posted a bunch of pictures of Kurt's memorial vigil on my Flickr page. I didn't realize it was nearly his birthday when I did it; I was just going through a bunch of my old photos.