Monday, February 05, 2007

Greg's the Candy Man

Here's Barry "Greg Brady" Williams in an old Milky Way ad. This is fun for numerous reasons, chief among them:

--The street he is running down looks so familiar, like it's either the set from "The Brady Bunch" or the Haddonfeld street Michael Myers lived on in "Halloween."
--It cracks me up how he sees a Milky Way wrapper on his mailbox
--When he gets home, he has a lineup of about five full-size Milky Ways just sitting on his dresser. What kid would a) have the money for five candy bars, and buy all the same brand, and b) would have the will power to line them up all OCD and not devour them all? Well, Greg always was kind of a priss.

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PJ said...

Woe, I'm having flashbacks. I remember that ad.http