Monday, February 05, 2007

Well, "Action" is kind of a relative term

This vintage ad features a very young Christopher "Peter Brady" Knight (and one of the kids looks like possibly his real younger brother?) in a commercial for Marx Action play sets.

The kids are dubbed the Action Kids, but really, they're about as lively as a digital clock. At one point I thought they said "cheap bullet-shooting machine guns," but I paid better attention, and they didn't really say the "cheap" part.


grandefille said...

Oh. My.

I had one of those "Fort Apache" playsets. I honestly don't recall asking for it, but I really enjoyed it. (I think maybe my dad got it for me because we enjoyed watching "Gunsmoke" and "Bonanza" together so much.)

I don't recall bringing Barbies to Fort Apache at any time, however. You'd think I would have.

Thanks for the memory, Gael!


Beth said...

Wow, you would never see toys like that today ... you could take an eye out with all those catapult thingies!

Kim said...

I particularly like how each playset features some sort of small, eye-injuring projectile!

sarah said...

I love how it suggests that a child should own "ALL FOUR!" playsets. That just opens the floodgates for a horrible Zombie Knight invasion of Cape Kennedy.

Paul said...

I never knew of these sets when I was a kid. (It would have been the right era for me.) I can see how these things would have been really boss, though. I mean, look: all those men and tanks and rockets and stuff in one kit!

But you know what me and my buddies would have done with them? We'd make sure our parents got us different sets, and then mix 'em up. Fire catapults at the rockets. Have the indians fight a tank. Put a whole bunch of knights in an army truck and drive 'em around. Oh man, so much fun!

Beth said...

JEEP...bullet shooting machine guns. Although cheap works for me.

Actually, they look like a lot of fun, and probably cost the equivalent of hundreds of bucks in todays money.