Tuesday, February 13, 2007


More very cool Japanese packaging. I swear, I could have spent my entire 10 days there just wandering around in the grocery store.

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emily said...

When I was in Japan in 2003 I was poking around the grocery store looking for soap because I left all my body wash at home... (Who knew that a non-Japanese speaker would have trouble miming washing arms and trying to convey the meaning of bubbles? What a day.)

Anyway I thought I found some soap, cool, fancy United Colours of Benneton soap, and headed to the check out.

I had about 4 grapefruits (I think $8 each in the end) and my soap, paid, then went back to the hotel. Who knew my box of soap would turn out to be a box of condoms? With cartoon instructions inside? In pastel colours?

Just found the box last month when I was moving, actually. I wish I hadn't thrown it away so I could send a picture to you!