Tuesday, February 13, 2007

When the marshmallows are in season

Apparently, in Japan, there's a holiday celebrated about a month after Valentine's Day called White Day.

On V-Day, women give men chocolates, and on White Day, men originally gave women white treats, such as marshmallows, but now they can give them chocolates, too. I'm more interested in the marshmallow treats -- we don't have nearly enough fun things made with marshmallows in this country.

I tried looking online for White Day gifts just to see what kind of items they have, but couldn't find any. Maybe next time I go to Japan I'll go in early March and look for White Day gift displays. These chocolate-filled marshmallows look pretty good, though they can't be as yummy as the chocolate-filled and chocolate-rolled marshmallows I bought in Hiroshima (see photo at left).

Korea, by the way, has a Black Day, where single people get together, eat noodles with black-bean sauce, and commiserate about being single. How do we adopt some of these holidays here in the U.S.? They sound much more fun than Columbus Day, for example.


Ms Molly said...

I've had marshmallow candy with fruit filling like these and loved them.

I can only imagine the chocolate would be equally delicious.

100 word minimum said...

According to Japanese ladies I have known, the Valentine's Day/White Day system really doesn't work to their advantage. On Valentine's Day, they give chocolate to a man they like, but they also have to give "giri-choco" (chocolate of obligation) to other men of their acquaintance, like men they work with or go to school with. That can add up to a lot of chocolate! Then, when White Day rolls around, "the men always forget!" (That is a direct quote.) Moreover, there is no giri-choco system for men, so the ladies don't even get chocolate from all the men to whom they were obligated to give chocolate.

Of course, my information is purely anecdotal. Perhaps there are herds of Japanese men suffering under giri-choco oppression. Somehow I doubt it.