Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rock 'em, sock 'em, robots -- er, Vikings

"Skol, Vikings" is an awesome fight song, namely because it goes that whole weird Scandinavian route with the "o" with the diagonal slash through it, and because its lyrics are so innocent and undemanding.

"Go get a first down, then get a touchdown." That's all we want! We're not asking for much! Too bad disasters so often happen between those two elements, there. There are more Vikings fight songs, including the hauntingly cool horn, here. I always remember hearing the "Vikings, Vikings, Vikings are coming" song on the radio, and the DJs would change the "and we're going to win this game" to "and we might just win this game." Minnesotans never overflow with confidence when it comes to our four-time Super Bowl losers.

Wikipedia has a whole fight song category, actually, which is generally pretty awesome. Apparently, "The Freshmen Up at Yale Get No Tail."

Washington's fight song actually references The Dardenelles.

And I love how Cal and UCLA are fighting over the same song.

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mindyfromohio said...

I was glad I'd gone to so many "football games" as a freshman at Harvard, because singing the fight song is the "get out of jail free" card in "Harvard-opoly." Also, it has a really high note at the end which caused everyone to suffer.