Tuesday, February 20, 2007

If "The Soddy" means "The Craptacular"

This comic, the entertainingly named "Crap I Drew On My Lunch Break," nicely skewers "For Better or For Worse."

The first panel is my favorite. I forgot exactly how bad Mike's novel was until I went back and read about it in the official site letters. OMG is it crap, with a capital "CR."

Also, check out some of the novel's proposed names. I'm torn as to which is worse: "The Soddy" or "Let Me Be Judged By God." Plus, Mike totally stole "As God Is My Witness" from Margaret Mitchell.

Update: JoshReads.com has some awesome comments about the proposed titles and Mike's writing in general. Heh, I thought "Prayrie" was some kind of "womyn" feminist thing, turns out I was completely overlooking the "pray" part. I guess...she prayed to survive her abusive husband on the prairie! Pray+prairie=prayrie, get it? Yeesh.

I also like the reader title suggestions, including "The Year of Droning Endlessly" and "How FOOB Was My Valley."


Seth said...

"The living buried the dead."

is there an alternative to this approach with which i am unfamiliar?

PJ said...

Bad? Whew. "She has given birth four times - two stillborn children and two living. The living buried the dead." So the living babies picked up shovels and buried the dead babies...? Or in a general sense, the living people buried the dead people? Ooh, deep. (I thought only the living dead buried the dead. Maybe a zombie novel would work better.)

And why is the type on that page almost too small to read?

Anonymous said...

The best title is clearly "Growing Stones." Growing stones!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. That is pretty horrible writing. I think we know why Lynn stuck with drawing pictures. That novel is the pretentious crap that students submit in a creative writing exercise.

As for a title, how about Growing Stoned?

Talia said...

I like "Twelve by Twenty Four (the dimensions of the house" but only if that subtitle stays.

Adam YG said...

I agree, 'growing stones' is a great title, though it does have conotations wof kidney stones... the only ones you actually can grow (as far as I'm aware).

Claudia said...

Oh sweet merciful crap, I had never read any of the 'novel' before. Even the parts about his own life are writen in such a twee, sweeping epic style.

I can see why that publisher wanted rights to the sequel.

maria (VanillaBean) said...

Oh Jeebus, I just read the latest strip. Why do I do this to my drunken self?