Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Wheel of Lunch!

Rob and I discovered the Wheel of Food via USA Today's Tech Space, and we think it's awesome.

Enter your ZIP code and the Wheel of Fortune-like wheel spins and tells you where to go for lunch.

We were so enthralled with it that I was trying it for my old ZIP codes as well, and reminiscing about those old restaurant offerings. You can also type in a specific cuisine ("pizza") instead of just generic "lunch."


Anonymous said...

This is too cool!

Anonymous said...

If only it actually gave me stuff in my zip code. Maybe this is a problem only for a Manhattan-ite, but when I put in my very midtown (52nd street) zip code, it returns restaurants down on avenue a. Definitely not the same zip, and I'd spend my entire lunch break just getting there.

Carrie Ann said...

Too bad it doesn't work on Macs, or at least not this one.

Anonymous said...

Sam, I noticed that too -- I entered the zip code for where I work in Midtown, and it gave me the address of a restaurant on LONG ISLAND.

Anonymous said...

Hey o, check out the original wheel of lunch, you create your own


They should do a zip code on it