Saturday, March 03, 2007

Chocolate gum

I've tried chocolate gum before -- usually that weird ice-cream flavored gum -- but now Candy Blog reports that Bubble Yum has a Hershey's chocolate flavor.

The concept sounds kind of awful to me, but they claim it's not bad.


kelly said...

I have been searching and searching for that weird ice cream flavored gum. My grandmother used to get it for us. Is it still made?

Mary Ellen said...

Either Bubble Yum or Bubblicious made a chocolate flavor back in the '70s or very early '80s -- I remember loving the stuff when I was in first or second grade!

thebookishtype said...

i, too, am on a 70s vintage chocolate bubblegum quest. just trying to determine my insanity level, as no one else i know seems to recall it. but it was absolutely delicious and came in a packet and piece sizes and shapes just like bubble yum. they could have made this one too, but i swore it was some other company who tossed their hat in the ring. there was a distinctive commercial for it with kids climbing all over a huge packet of the gum, which was a white package with red and blue letters. but what did the letters say?! smooth n juicy? something like that. bubble smooth? what the...oh, who knows. anyone recall? :)

russell said...

i got it yoday at the hershey's store at time's square.
it's good!