Saturday, March 03, 2007

No 'Vacancy'

I went to the "Reno 911" movie with Rob and Dan today. They're both huge fans of the show, but I'd never seen an entire episode. I was prepared for uber-stupid, but instead, it was pretty innocuous slapstick. They informed me that they were both horribly disappointed and the TV show is a hundred times better.

Anyway, one of the previews shown before the film was for a spooky-looking horror movie called "Vacancy." Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale get stuck in a run-down motel and discover a videotape in their room showing a snuff film made in that very room. They realize the cameras are still there and that they are the next planned victims.

The preview made the film look deliciously creepy, but it was one of those movies where you get the feeling you saw all the best parts in the preview, and the rest of the film is just an excuse for stupid violence.

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K. said...

Yeah, I think I liked that movie's parents better- Psycho and the Ring. I mean, seriously, has EVERY idea been used already?