Saturday, March 03, 2007

Getting further and further away from home

I loved the first season of CBS's "Close to Home" for many reasons.

It starred Jennifer Finnigan, Bridget from my soap "Bold and the Beautiful" (who, sadly, was kind of a dim bulb when I met her at the TV Critics' press tour.) It was set in Indiana, not in NY or LA -- a TV rarity. It promised to focus on small, family-based, suburban crimes, a la the Laci Peterson murder, instead of big crimes. And I liked Finnigan's character, a new mom with a loving husband. The show used to close almost every episode with a loving shot of her at home with hunky hubby and the world's cutest baby.

Then in the first-season finale, they killed off the husband with one of the dumbest TV cliche deaths (drunk driver). The second season immediately tried to introduce new men leering after the main character, a new widow. The crimes got less interesting and less close to home. And they never show the damn cute baby anymore, either. I'm betting this show gets canceled at the end of this season.


DDDzStmpn said...

Yeah....I used to watch it EVERY week no fail & now only if nothing better is on. So sad cause I really liked it too & it should be great with David James Elliot on now....I love him.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I used to race home to watch it and now if I miss it, I'm not that upset. They should have kept it the way it was.

I like David James Elliot, however I think the actor who played the head DA in season 1 was a better fit.