Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mello smellos

I've linked to numerous online scratch-n-sniff sticker posts recently because the sight of those sticker designs sends my memories flooding back to my childhood. Kottke found another great one, displaying dozens of the round brand of sticker I remember the most.

For some reason, we had tons of the Apple sticker, which was one of my least favorite. We also had a lot of the Cherry one with the cute valentine hearts, the Peach (I can still smell that fakey-fake peach smell), and the "Pear-fect" Pear.

Some of the stickers seem like common scents, but their stickers never made it to my corner of Minnesota, including Banana, Blueberry, Candy Mint, Chocolate Cherry, Flower, Fruit Pie and others.

Some of them were those freaky weird stickers that even if you saw them, you'd be afraid to smell them, including Bandage, Crab, Egg Custard, French Fry, Fried Chicken, Ham, Ketchup, Onion and Old Shoe.

And some of them were just mysteries. I remember the Halloween stickers that called themselves Bone but didn't smell like much of anything. But what does a Computer-scented sticker smell like? How about one labeled Printout? Space? Phone? Does one really want to scratch and sniff a Pilgrim? These are the pop-culture mysteries that remain with us, decades after they appeared.


Ashley said...

Popcorn and dill pickle immediately flooded back to me when I saw them. We also had a lot of the apple stickers and also grape jelly. Maybe they were less expensive to produce?

Anonymous said...

The hell? Crab?

Anonymous said...

love it! That's my wallpaper now.