Sunday, April 29, 2007

Let them eat chiffon cake

This fascinating story about the history of chiffon cake has me wanting to bake one now.

I've never made one, but always flip past the recipe in my various Betty Crocker cookbooks.

It was a hot trend in the 1950s, apparently, and the article describes it as "light and fluffy like angel food cake, yet also rich and moist like butter cake." Who can beat that?

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Talia said...

Oooh, I have a birthday coming up soon. I think I'll request one of these for the occasion. My mother even has authentic 1950s cookbooks full of variants: The lemon chiffon cake, orange chiffon cake, rum chiffon, banana-pecan chiffon, almond chiffon, plus weird imprecise ones like sweetheart chiffon and moonlight chiffon. (Moonlight chiffon apparently has berries on it, for some reason.)