Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Could it be? Could Anthony be dating someone else? Or is this going to be some lame "fooled ya!" where the person he's invited turns out to be Francoise or his sister or something?

Also, when "escort" is put in quotes like that the mind can only go one way.

And Anthony is a total priss for saying "And to what do I owe the honor of this most welcome visit?" And how short is his tie, anyway? Yeesh.


PJ In NH said...

Watch it, his escort will be either his daughter or his mother.

jam said...

Ugh. My first thought was Francoise, or like, his mom. I think this is a smokescreen. I don't think we're going to escape Granthony after all.

Ali said...

My best friend also thinks he's going to be all, "... I'm taking Francie, my lovely daughter! But I will totally dance with you too Liz pant pant pant."

I hold out hope she is wrong. Oh, how I hold out hope she is wrong.

Joseph said...

Oh please, please, please let it be Therese.

Erin said...

The Comics Curmudgeon has it right:

"Some commentors have suggested that the Mustache’s “escort” is going to be … his daughter! Liz an’ Anthony’s love can find flower at the beautiful nuptuals after all! Except that that, since they’re both going anyway, the presence of little Fran├žoise would not preclude them from going there together, sitting together, grinding on each other to “Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe,” etc. No, some poor not-Liz girl (let’s call her DisposaDate) will be forced to sullenly sit at their table, idly picking at her warmed-over chicken, while the Mustache and Lizardbreath discover the depth of their watery, predictable love for one another."

Anonymous said...

Can't she just choose herself like Kelly on 90210? I'm not liking her other options at this point.