Wednesday, May 02, 2007

No hard feelings

From Found Magazine's Find of the Day: Have a nice summer, not-cool loud-music-playing man!

This reminds me of the note that inspired Found's, uh, founder to start everything. He had a note left on his car from some girl named Amber who mistook his car for her boyfriends and left him a tirade about how he'd lied to her and he obviously was with HER, whoever her was. And then she signed it "P.S.: Page me later."

Apparently even when some people are mad, they can't eliminate all the note-writing niceties from their lives.

I sent a note to Found years ago, and it's scanned on their Web site here. I found it just outside the employee entrance revolving door at the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper, where I worked at the time.

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Ellaina said...

I'm glad you linked to the "Found Magazine" site, I'd forgotten about that one. Did you also once link to a "lost things" site? I remember some horribly sad things listed (moms, irreplacable mementos, etc.) and would like to revisit that one. Love your blog!!!