Thursday, September 27, 2007

Belly up to the Burger Chef Works Bar

This Weblog, the Burger Chef Reliquary, highlights products from ye olde dearly departed Burger Chef hamburger chain.

A few highlights:

--Burger Chef and Jeff watch. How else can you time the making of the fries correctly?

--A Burger Chef birdhouse. So awesome!

And don't miss this awesome 1980 commercial, urging you to "feel like a Burger Chef!"


That Guy said...

My older sister Debbie worked at the Burger Chef in my home town back in the 70s. I'd forgotten all about this until one dusty Saturday afternoon in the late 80s...I'd run across a huge stash of vintage local newspapers in a backroom of the office my father-in-law shared with a real estate agent friend. Leafing through one from 1974, I spotted a bizarre ad for the local Burger Chef: "Come See Our Girls In Hot Pants!", it blared, over a picture of the restaurant with a line of girls in hot pants and Burger Chef tops lined up, Rockettes-style, in front of it. Apparently our local Burger Chef was a low-rent smalltown precursor to Hooters! It got even weirder when I spotted my bemused-looking posthippie sister in the line-up, staring back at me from 1974...

John said...

Burger Chef and Jeff, the even less successful follow-up to Pink Lady.