Thursday, September 27, 2007

She's a rare gem indeed

Take the Peppermint Patty (from "Peanuts") quiz (that I just made up).

1) What was her last name?
2) Was she named after the candy?
3) Did she have a crush on Schroeder?
4) How did she treat Snoopy?
5) Who was first to call her "Sir"?
6) Where was her mom?

1) Reichardt
2) No, as she first surfaced in 1966, and the candy wasn't available nationally until 1975. Charles Schulz reportedly named her after a dish of peppermints in his office.
3) No, Lucy crushed on Schroeder. Patty apparently crushed on messy ol' Pig-Pen, hard as it is to believe, though her true crush was on Charlie Brown, whom she called "Chuck." (Marcy called him "Charles.")
4) She was the one character who thought Snoopy was a "funny-looking kid with a big nose."
5) Surprise, it wasn't inseparable pal and possible lesbian life partner Marcy. It was apparently a camp acquaintance named Sophie. Do not remember Sophie.
6) Rather sadly for a "Peanuts" plot, her mom was apparently dead -- at least in the comic strip. Her dad treasured her and called her his "rare gem." Reference to a mom was made in a TV special, but in the strip, Patty has no memory of having a mom. Sad.


Ginger said...

I Love Love Love the Peanuts!

missicat said...

hmmm..was the candy named after her then?