Tuesday, October 02, 2007


You know, there's more new content in the hybrid "For Better or For Worse" than I expected. If it wasn't for the occasional complete flashback strip, with Lynn Johnston's early bad drawing, I think she could have kept on pretending it was the regular old strip.

Of course, I am perhaps too entertained with the concept of Elly getting teddy-smacked right in the schnozz.

Naturally, the FOOBiverse is all over the ensuing nose-smashing. They even have an Elly death story prepped. "Deanna Patterson, 31, daughter-in-law of the deceased, has also denied having any connection to the death, but did say that it was poetic justice that the habit of throwing teddy bears, which the deceased had neglected to stop with her own children during her mothering years, was the source of her fatality." Heh.

What Robin and Meredith needed, rather than Deanna's simpering "don't throw things at people, but you can still throw them" was a good ol' life lesson from Carol Brady. "Mom always said don't play Superteddy in the house." Followed by a nice big helping of Marcia, and "oh, my nose!"


Marissa said...

Oh, I like Lynn's early drawings better. They're simplistic, but they also have more feeling.

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Next PCJM tag: for BETTER or >AAARrrrGGGHH<