Wednesday, October 03, 2007


It's not looking too good for Grandpa Jim in FBOFW. (Don't miss the additional panel someone at added on to today's strip...)

Would Lynn Johnston really kill him off on the same day Funky Winkerbean kills off cancer patient Lisa? (Since when is The Phantom of the Opera really the Grim Reaper?)

Man, the comics pages are getting more depressing than the war news.

But not, perhaps, as depressing as this entire section of the FBOFW official site dedicated to everyone's favorite star-crossed lovers. There are no words. (Via the FOOBiverse.)


Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe it either! I start with FBOW each day and then move on to Funky, which I've been reading since before Les and I got our driver's licenses on the same day!
At least they didn't wait to do send them both off on Halloween!
Karen in Missouri

Jennifer said...

What is WITH these people??? They're called COMICS, folks, not MORBIDS.

jam said...

Why is a girl in a suit hugging Liz?

Leslie said...

Funky Winkerbean has broken my plate for the last time! I vow not to read it...and yet, I compulsively read it every morning and can't seem to stop. I think I'll just have to rip that corner of my comics page out until things lighten up.