Friday, October 19, 2007

Head on

Awesome X-Entertainment story about the Vincent Price Shrunken Apple Head toy.

Hey, I swear I remember this! And I still think it's pretty cool, in a gross and campy 1970s way!

Excerpt: "I dunno, it probably came cheap enough, but I don't think any mothers would get full of Yuletide cheer sticking that thing under the tree. "Well honey, looks like Santa brought you just what you asked for. A tricycle, army men, and the means to forge a shrunken head without learning the ancient art of voodoo." Plus, no mother, especially back then, would allow such a waste of good fruit. The whole thing really sucked for the moms. When a kid asked for an apple to use with the kit, I can imagine them saying something like 'they don't grow on trees!' and then having to feel really stupid when their six-year-old corrects them. Ah well, mothers were on so much MDMA back then anyway with those diet pills, it's not like they were gonna eat any apples anyway. Let the kid use them with his black rituals, who gives a shit?"

(Via Fark.)


Carol Elaine said...

Must. Have.

I am a big Vincent Price fan and, if I were a collector, this would be perfect for my non-existent VP collection.

Angela said...

My brother & I had one of these! We certainly didn't ask for it. Most likely our grandma found it at an extreme discount and bought for us.

We made a few shrunken apple heads but they were never, ever as cool as the ones on the box.