Friday, October 19, 2007

You can't beat Dwight Schrute's beets

This will only make sense to fans of "The Office," especially those who saw last night's show, of Schute Farms on

The first review is the Jim/Pam review from the show, but read back through the others. Show fans totally got into the spirit of it, as with this one: "And as for the proprietor, I believe his name is Dwight, he is very knowledgeable and will tell you all about Benjamin Franklin, bats, and the history of paper if you ask him. But be careful, if you ask if he can take your laundry he just snarls and says something incoherent like "I have no longer betrayed you, I don't have to do your laundry Michael..."

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Michelle said...

This is so completely awesome. I really hope TripAdvisor will leave it live. I used to contract for one of their imitators*cough*competitors, and it's all too easy to imagine someone getting all self-righteous about the integrity of the data and the awesome responsibility of user trust, etc.