Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Home sweet home

I love this: An 86-year-old woman in our neighborhood (Seattle's Ballard) refused to sell the home where she's lived for 1966 to a developer. They offered $1 million, the house is reportedly worth about $200,000. But it's her home, and she said no.

They're now building the complex, which includes a Trader Joe's and a health club, around her. I always smile when I drive past this tiny house, standing its ground amidst all that construction.

(Although I am mondo excited to get a Trader Joe's this close to home, I must admit.)


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, they are building the thing right up against the walls of her house! She will have no yard, and all but her front windows will be completely covered. The builders were just determined to make her sorry, I guess.

Paul said...

A-holes. Good for her though. I'm glad not everyone can be bought.

Kim said...

It's going to make it a hell of a lot easier for the pizza delivery guy to find her house.