Monday, October 15, 2007

Women and writing

The New York Times has an interesting piece by a writer who visited Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota (my dad went here for a while) and noticed that the women writers in the class were insecure about their work for reasons seeming to relate to ho they were raised -- to be polite and gentle.

An interesting piece, but I'd like more concrete examples and evidence.

Also, I am in a state of wonder at the author's name (Verlyn Klinkenborg?), but I cannot say anything, since my name has been much-mocked by others, too.

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Bill said...

Funny that you write two popular culture websites and are unfamiliar with Verlyn Klinkenborg. His writing appears regularly in the NYTimes (he is a member of the editorial board)and Slate, and he has written several books that I'd have guessed would have been right in your wheelhouse. Look up "The Last Fine Time"-- it is quite good.