Sunday, October 14, 2007

True-crime title

Joe McGinniss, he of "Fatal Vision" fame, has another true-crime hardcover coming out this month: "Never Enough," the story of the murder of two murdered brothers, and a family with a batch of secrets.

The Kissel case never interested me that much when I would see it on true-crime programs and the like, but McGinniss is such a good writer and journalist that his name alone makes me want to check it out.

Speaking of true crime, Rob and I caught a show on New Orleans' murder rate last night, and it reminded me of the tragic murder of Helen Hill, a filmmaker and young mother who returned to NO after the hurricane only to be shot down in her own home. And with NO still such a mess, the police are spread thinner than Kate Moss. They have no suspects, no arrests in her murder, though it's been almost a year. Her poor baby son will never really know her. They didn't say where her husband, a young doctor, moved to, except that it's about as far away from NO as you can get (making me wonder if it's around here).

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