Saturday, November 17, 2007

Catalog Christmas

Matt at X-Entertainment reviews toys from the 1985 Sears Wish Book, including Pound Puppies, an Optimus Prime tent, and a Clowny the Crayon set.

He also wanted a metal detector, which, hey, so did I! We lived next to a beach and I guess I thought I could rake in the cash that drunken bathers lost out of their purses and pockets. Says Matt: "It seemed like a foolproof get-rich-quick scheme, and I never understood why my parents wouldn't buy me one. Sure, they were expensive, but it was obvious that I'd make back whatever they spent within minutes of arriving at the nearest beach."

Matt also discovered some wack holiday foods, including Pomegranate 7Up and gingerbread Pop-Tarts. So awesome. I haven't seen either in my local stores, but you can bet I'll be looking now.


NYCGirl said...

The Clowny jingle still pops into my head from time to time... :)

Maxwell Hammer said...

My grandfather actually did make back what he spent on the thing in a day. He went to Florida and found a friggin gold doubloon and a napoleonic coin on the first day.

Anonymous said...

I found gingerbread Pop Tarts at Target last week. "Filled with Frosting"! I was sold! Not bad.

Anne said...

This isn't a comment on the topic, but a coworker's kids made this video for their sick aunt, and I thought the kid making the video was funny.

She's a little director (she is not the one on camera, and she whispers directions to the sister who is on camera). If I remember correctly, the "director" is 5, and the others are like 3 and 2.

Rachel said...

I grew up next door to a swimming lake, and every winter, The Boss would drain it by diverting the springs that fed it (yeah, I don't know either - dude was a genius) and we'd see him out there with his metal detector all winter.

He made quite a bit of cash, and found countless watches, including a Rolex that became his pride and joy. A metal detector is still a cool toy, never mind how old you are. I want one.