Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Of course I don't feel this way, but ... heh anyway. Forgive me, Miss Kelly!


Leslie said...

And that right there sums up why I haven't been pestering my husband for kids of our own. It seems like such a great idea until sleep deprivation sets in. And by the time that clears up, they're teenagers and then the sleep deprivation returns because you're trying to figure out legal ways to keep them chained in their rooms until the mature. *cough*

Kathryn said...

Heh, indeed. I love my baby more than life itself, but I had not a clue exactly how much life was going to change. I am continuously amazed at how much work goes into this "parent" thing, and so ashamed of how I took my parents for granted growing up. But I also know that they love me more than anything, because I am their baby, so they have to accept the fact that I was an ass growing up. Ha!