Tuesday, December 18, 2007

On top of spaghetti...all covered with ice cream

Spaghetti ice cream! Saw this at the Minnesota State Fair a few years back. It's cooler in concept than in actual execution, meaning: You probably wouldn't want to buy it.


Kris said...

The machine might be cooler in concept, but "spaghetti eis" itself (as it's known in Germany) RULES. I went on a summer exchange program to Germany in high school and when I got home I couldn't shut up about it. "It's a strawberry ice cream sundae! But it looks like spaghetti!" I can't believe it took that long to catch on in the US.

Mary Garden said...

Hm! This sounds way better, now that I know it isn't starchy, cooked spaghetti noodles swirled into some ice cream.

CandyAddict.com said...

I lived in Germany as a kid, and commenter #1 is right - the stuff in Germany is amazingly good!