Thursday, December 27, 2007

What's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?

You know those pricey American Girl dolls, where each doll has a name and story from a different part of American history--World War II, pioneer days, whatever?

Well, check it out: My friend Judy points out that they now have two 1970s dolls -- Julie and Ivy. Says their Web site: "From saving endangered eagles to celebrating the Bicentennial— it’s all in Julie’s six-book series."

Oh yeah, I can remember those sun-soaked 1970s days, saving endangered eagles. And I can't for the life of me remember what 8-year-old me did to celebrate the Bicentennial, except we were all kind of fascinated with the new quarters.

I have to say, Julie's 1970s clothes are somewhat realistic, which makes them pretty darn awful.

But check out Julie's Christmas gift -- a Barbie styling head. Sweet! And Seventies-appropriate!

Speaking of Seventies nostalgia, in my prom post, a reader directed me to another prom catalog, which offers a 1970s-theme prom kit. Oh yeah, all the glamour and elegance of disco. Any prom committee choosing this theme needs to be shut in a room and made to watch "Welcome Back Kotter" over and over again.

That catalog also has 1950s and 1960s themes. Someone please wake me when they create a 1980s theme. Everyone can wear hoop skirts and crinolines, with skinny ties for the boys, and we will dance to Prince. Then my prom life will have come full circle.


Anonymous said...

i really hate that the only asian american girl doll is an accessory to a white girl doll. fight the power, ivy! make it your 70s goal!

briank said...

My wife gave our six-year-old "Julie" for Christmas. She comes complete with a Rhoda Morgenstern-like macrame skull cap and platform shoes.

My wife and I are the EXACT SAME AGE as "Julie", and I remember celebrating the Bicentennial all too well. For our daughter, the 1970s are just part of "the past", but she digs the idea that her new doll is the same age as her mother.

Dimestore Lipstick said...

Ahh, yes. "Sweathog Therapy". That'd cure their little delusions about the romantic 70s.

Deanna said...

I don't get it. The dolls have their own Christmas gifts? What a racket!

Michelle said...

I agree anonymous, if they want to introduce them as a pair they should give them equal amounts of accessories, clothes, furniture, etc. I can think of a ton of ideas for cool accessories for Ivy; antique furniture her parents brought over, red envelopes, play food... hire me, American Girl!

pam said...

A 70's American Girl, eh? Utter rumor. Until they add rainbow Mork suspenders, Keep On Truckin' shirts, or a Dorothy Hammill haircut, I won't believe it.

Leslie said...

Aww come on...why not a 1980's American Girl doll? She can have ugly leg warmers (with matching sweat band) and several different colors of socks and shoelaces. Oh and the all important spandex and hairspray. Maybe working on the AIDS quilt would be too tough an 80's story for how about running from Michael Jackson instead.
Oh and for her Christmas gift? Do I hear a regeneration of Cabbage Patch Kids? :-D