Monday, January 28, 2008

Ding, dong the Drox is dead?

A few years ago, we were shocked to discover that our pal Sue preferred Hydrox to Oreos. What?? Blasphemy!

I always thought Hydrox were a sad version of Oreos, myself, but I had no idea that they have been gone since 2003! (Via Not Martha.)

And Sue wasn't the only fan -- some people are quite ticked. It's a fun and interesting article -- apparently Hydrox actually came first.

Our friend Todd assessed the situation rather astutely, so I'll reprint his e-mail here:

"I couldn't begin to remember if one tasted appreciably better than the other. I will say, however, that the name always did trouble me -- as the article said, it sounded a bit too chemistry-like for me.

Like what sounds like more of a stretch, Hydrox by Sunshine, or Hydrox by DuPont/Monsanto?Tell me that doesn't sound like some type of pest control.

I can imagine going into Home Depot and saying "Excuse me sir, wondering if you can help me, I'm having a problem with ants" and the guy saying, "you'd be wanting to pick up some Hydrox then, aisle 14/gardening"


Norma said...

I can understand. I'm still not over the loss of my "Gee, your hair smells terrific" shampoo. That stuff was great! And my hair definitely smelled terrific!

Anonymous said...

Forget Hydrox bring back the Flaky Flix! They were the best.

Hey Sunshine cookie co. I know where you live I have passed you on the BART train, and someday I will picket you till you bring back Flaky Flix.

Anonymous said...

You can get the "Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific" shampoo at the Vermont Country Store!

Kaijsa said...

We always had Hydrox, never Oreos. The cookie was more crispy, in my opinion. My best friend loved Hydrox so much she named her long-haired black-and-white cat Hydrox, back when we were kids.

Leslie said...

They've been gone since 2003? Wow...the Dollar Store down the street from our house still carries them. Man am I glad we didn't buy them. I wonder if they really ARE five year old cookies. Eww.