Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bridge over troubled water

The beautiful Winona-area bridge on the Minnesota 150 years of statehood stamp?

Has been shut down, forcing people to drive two hours out of their way each day to get to where they used to go. Oops.

I live in fear that something similar will happen to us, since we live on one side of Seattle's Lake Washington and work on the other. We are so dependent on bridges in this country and it's shameful that we've allowed so many to deteriorate so badly.

Although come on, Nick Coleman...a ferry system is hardly a "raft." Washington State has an amazing ferry system. I just don't think a city as small as Winona can whip one up, especially since the bridge has already been closed down and people need solutions yesterday.

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Dimestore Lipstick said...

The ferries are running at Winona! I just caught a video at the Strib website. They're a long way from "rafts".