Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Chocolate-chip pancakes!

So do you ever have a bit of your past, something you've read, that just sticks in your head? And even though it's dumb, you itch to re-read it?

Yeah, that happens to me all the time. I was a giant fan of Seventeen magazine in high school (I subscribed for years after that, to keep up on youth culture, but they lost me when they got all People Magazine on me and only put celebs on the cover).

Anyway, I'm looking for an issue of "Seventeen" from the '80s, probably 1982-1987. The only thing I remember about it was that it had a multi-page advertorial, almost certainly for makeup (Cover Girl?) that purported to be a diary by the niece of "Wonder Woman" star Lynda Carter, who apparently was visiting her famous aunt. I'm pretty sure in one entry she surprised her aunt by making chocolate-chip pancakes for breakfast.

For whatever reason, I've been thinking about this issue, and am just randomly curious to read it again. I posted an Ask Metafilter thread about it...doubt anyone there will have the specific date of the magazine with only this information, but you never know.

6 comments: said...

If you're just looking for the ad, and not the magazine, you can see a copy of it at The photos wouldn't come up in Firefox, but they do in IE. Happy Hunting!

hawkins71 said...

Oh, dude, I totally remember that article! And I remember feeling kind of bad for the girl because there were a bunch of pictures of Lynda Carter all made-up and professionally smiling with a big glamorous Hollywood smile, next to her niece, who was of course an awkward teenager, because...teenager.

I am going to guess that it was more in the 1983-85 range than in the later years of your guess, because I think I was in junior high when I read that.

the4moyers said...

Oh my word - that is too freaky! While I don't have that issue or remember the date (I'm thinking summer 1983?), I totally remember that issue! The girls' name I think was Michaela because that was the first time I had heard that name. And she was wearing an outfit (corduroy shorts with long argyle socks) that I copied for my first day of school of 9th grade (graduated in 1987).

I'm hoping that I'm somewhat close in some of these details, or I could be way off. In any case, I do remember that particular spread. Hope you find it!

cpeep said...

Ask this guy!

Jennifer from Nebraska said...

Ooo! I had that issue too! Sorry I don't remember the date, but I totally remember that ad. It was almost more interesting than the articles in the magazine. The niece and a couple of her friends(?) were staying with Lynda Carter and getting ready for the prom!

Anonymous said...

The rollover copyright on the site link posted above says 1983. I totally remember this ad. Crazy!