Sunday, June 15, 2008


I was perhaps too disturbed by the fiery deaths of Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen in the original "Star Wars." Luke seemed to recover quickly, but I was creeped. Ditto when Anakin's mother died.

So I was both horrified and kind of entertained by this fake action figure. It's fake, right? Fake? You know that if people would buy it, the "Star Wars" empire would sell it.


Anonymous said...

Has to be fake. No way you'd get TWO action figures in one package! ;)

Jennifer said...

When DC killed off Spoiler, you couldn't get an action figure of her (despite the fact that she'd been around since the 90s).

What you could get? The action model of the guy that killed her complete with the power-drill he used to torture her. Official mechandise can be really off-key.