Sunday, June 15, 2008

Terrified pickles!

For Kelly's first Father's Day, we gave dad some alone time to work out, taking ourselves to stroll around downtown Ballard on this achingly beautiful June day.

We went to Archie McPhee, where I ended up buying Kelly a snake hand puppet with a retractable tongue (she cracked up every time it stuck its tongue out at her) and also spotted these.

They are extras to go in a plastic-pickle shooting gun (sorry, a "pickle-pult"), but who cares about the gun -- the refills alone were hilarious. Terrified pickles! That is definitely going to be my next blog name.

Archie McPhee is great. They have always had "Free Ballard" bumper stickers, but now they have added "Old Ballard," and "Ballard welcomes its new condo overlords" stickers.

Also, when I went to buy Kelly her puppet, I said politely, "One snake hand puppet, please." And the punk-rock cashier said to me, also politely, "Coming right up."

Terrified pickles!

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