Sunday, June 15, 2008


Is that Deanna cutting off the sleeves of Grandma Marion's wedding gown? I don't even recognize her.

Admittedly, the sleeves looked kinda terrible (long and see-through), but cutting them off results in a wedding dress that looks like 99.99% of all available wedding dresses out this year. It cracks me up how the fashion world can only handle one wedding-gown style at a time.

And oof, four, FOUR water puns. And they are all stoooopid. Please, someone just tell her -- in plain English -- not to marry Granthony. I know, I know...but I can dream.


cpeep said...

Whadya tawking about? That dress has a downpointed waistline (circa 1985) and straps! If it were this year's dress (and last year's, and the year before's) it would have a big stiff strapless monoboob(and the accompanying back fat).

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else disturbed by the fact that because grandpa is old, and ill, they're getting married, when they've only been back together for less than a year, most, and engaged for like a month? Shouldn't she really adjust to little Francoise? Maybe it'll all end, and switch into stop-mode, with mommy Francoise wanting back in their lives, and Anthony giving her a second chance for the sake of his daughter. And Liz will be single forever.

Anonymous said...

You might enjoy this: A Chilling Romance. The rest of her stuff is pretty great too, so browse back through her LJ.