Monday, July 21, 2008

Death in D.C.

The Washington Post has done a 12-part series on the unsolved murder of Chandra Levy, which was big news unti 9/11 pushed everything off the front pages back in 2001.

As a true-crime fan, I am sure I will read this (it sounds like they all but name her murderer, and no, it ain't Gary Condit), but I can't help but sympathize with the many readers who point out it's a lotta words to use on a seven-year-old murder. If she were unattractive or a minority...would she be getting a 12-part series in one of the nation's premiere newspapers?


Crabby Apple Seed: said...

Normally I agree, attractive white people get more media coverage than their minority or less attractive counterparts. However, her relationship w/Gary Condit and suspicion about the role he played definitely helped keep this story on the front page, don't you think?

Lindsey said...

But she wasn't pretty, she just dressed like a trashy bimbo. She just has pushy-as-hell parents who have threatened lawsuits at every damn turn. That's why this stayed in the press as long as it has.