Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Get 'Spaced'

If you like "Shawn of the Dead," and you've enjoyed quirky, smart comedies such as "Austin Stories" or "Mystery Science Theater 3000," I can pretty much guarantee you'll love "Spaced," the smart British comedy from the brains behind "Shawn of the Dead."

We loved it so much we bought the British DVDs, since one of our DVD players is region-free, but now they are releasing the series on American DVDs. To celebrate, BBC America is running a "Spaced" marathon on Sunday. I work Sundays, but I'm going to try and remember to have it on in the background.

Although apparently, no TV in the background while Miss Kelly is around, unless I want to destroy her attention span for the rest of her life!


Shannon said...

If you like "Spaced," Gael, check out "Big Train," his pre-Spaced sketch comedy. It's one of the best sketch comedy shows I've ever seen! Also stars "Brian" from "Spaced." It's available thru Netflix. You won't be sorry. I heart Simon Pegg.

Dimestore Lipstick said...

I've seen a bit of it here and there, and I have a couple of friend who quote from it constantly, so this is great news. Thanks for the heads up!

Alice said...

It's so funny, isn't it??

Jessica Stevenson (although, that's not her name anymore, since she changed it when she got married) lives down the road from my work, and I see her all the time. I have to stop myself from saying "I love Spaced! I love Daisy!" every time I see her.