Monday, July 14, 2008

Sometimes, there's only the for worse

I'm betting a lot of you saw the wedding photos of a man who was horribly disfigured in Iraq, Tyler Ziegel.

Here's a followup, and sadly, the couple is already divorced.

Excerpt: "He breaks off and gets up to retrieve the framed certificate. It’s from the state of Illinois declaring his wedding a state holiday. “To call something like that off...” He sits back down. "

(Via Kottke.)


Talia said...

See, this is what face transplants need to be used for. (They keep getting held back from any further development or research because of some fear that people will use face transplats as an unnecessary cosmetic procedure, which is in fact unlikely for a variety of reasons.)

I mean really. You *need* ears and a nose or else you get infections all over the place, like this guy. And tear ducts. Surely this is a necessity!

growler said...

Wow, Gael. Just, wow. Thanks for linking to that. Quite a story, very well written and incredibly moving.