Sunday, August 03, 2008

Fly away from here

There's an ASPCA ad right now that makes me just about bawl every time I see it. It plays that Sarah McLachlan song, "Angel," which has been used for just about every emotional event from 9/11 to various murder cases, and it breaks your heart, especially when set against the backdrop of those poor sad animals.

I just want to open the cage doors and take them all in.

The ASPCA has a whole channel on YouTube, with videos and a donation button. God bless them and their work. I need to make a donation soon.


AltoidsAddict said...

I think that all the dogs from those ASPCA commercials get adopted, so that should cheer you up. Still, that commercial (or pretty much any commercial with dogs) get me teary as well.

Margie!! said...

I cannot watch that commercial anymore. I change the channel all the time. I, too, want to run down to the SPCA and adopt every single of the pets they have. I have to remember that I am doing my part by taking care of my own babies especially since they too were abandoned.

Anonymous said...

I've been seeing that commercial for at least a year. Or, more accurately, starting to weep and scrambling for the remote.
And the shelter kitties I've adopted no longer look sad-except when I tell them they've had enough treats for the day.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, even just reading about made me tear up. I have to change the channel every time I hear the beginning of the song.

Missicat said...

I cannot even watch that commercial any more...those poor sad little faces. I just hug my rescued Bad Cat a little tighter!

Margo said...

That commercial, and also the one where they show the little dog who gets passed by at the shelter (I think that it's from Purina)...cry cry cry.

It's why I have two dogs, four cats, and am currently raising a puppy for Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

I'd take them all if I could.