Wednesday, April 08, 2009

At the Taco! Ta-co Do-ritos!

My old post on Taco Doritos is probably the most commented-on post in PCJM history, so of course I have to link to Matt at Scrubbles when he reveals that there are now two new Doritos flavors, one of which is called "Late Night Tacos at Midnight." (As opposed to...those Early Morning Tacos at Midnight?)

The bag looks very cool, but Matt says they actually taste somewhat of lettuce. So it's not that they just taste like taco SEASONING, but like entire tacos.
Whoa, that's some weird chemical composition, right there. America wins the weird chemical inventiveness sweepstakes, is what I'm saying.


Eliza said...

I actually bought a bag of these today. They taste like Taco Bell. It is freaky.

Bob said...

The Tacos at Midnight Doritos are not what Taco Doritos lovers are seeking. It is definitely the flavor of an entire taco and not taco seasoning.

The Taco Doritos that were available in Fall 2009 with "Taco" in silver were as close to the original Taco Doritos that I have found and there have been a lot of Taco Dorito variations trotted out. The worst may have been the Taco Bell Taco Doritos.

Maria Hayward said...

I don't even like lettuce in my actual tacos, there is no way I want lettuce taste in a taco flavored chip. (If you need crunch, use cabbage. Trust me on this.)

Heather said...

I have a bag of these waiting for me on Easter (I give up chips for Lent every year), plus the other new "Late Night" flavor: jalapeno popper!

"Lady" Bea said...

When I opened the bag of these chips, the puff out air that came out made me feel like I'd stuck my head in a Taco Bell trashcan.

Fun stuff. Hee hee hee. Thanks for alerting me to their existence. My best friend and I had fun taste-testing and ultimately, rejecting them!