Friday, April 10, 2009

Baby cologne?

In the shampoo aisle at Babies R Us I spotted this, Johnson's Baby Cologne!

The thought of a baby wearing cologne kind of cracks me up. I picture a suave baby with sunglasses and gold chains, trying to pick up all the girl babies.

Who puts cologne on their baby? I can only assume it's a cultural thing. The label was in English and Spanish -- is it a Hispanic custom?


Sylko said...

That is the weirdest thing I've ever seen! Why would you want to make your baby smell like anything other than "clean baby?"

Anonymous said...

It is very much a hispanic custom, so much so that just seeing an entry on it as a novelty cracked me up. I live in Miami, and almost all babies smell of Agua de Violetas- violet water- that gets dabbed on them after their bath. It makes babies smell delicious.

cat said...

There's a number of baby perfume/cologne type products available in Europe, ranging from Johnson's to Guerlain and Burberry.

They smell fresh and lovely, and quite a few grown-ups wear them too. I love them in the summer.

Kitten said...

Wow, I'm totally glad you mentioned this, because now I can remind my husband that I saw the exact same thing at my local Babies'r'Us and I wondered the same thing -- who does that?

Anonymous said...

in hispanic culture they use alot of diferent cologne here in PR they use nenuco and that brand makes babies smell like angels..young teen girls used it as a splash.

m*bella said...

its not weird at all. its part of our (Hispanic) culture as well as some European countries.

i still use baby cologne i love it.
especially in the summer.