Thursday, April 16, 2009

When the boys you used to hate, you date, I think you best investigate

OK, it's been three YEARS since the third season of "Facts of Life" came out on DVD. Hello? Stupid studio? There are about a million other seasons remaining, and these are the GOOD seasons.

Edna's Edibles! Over Our Heads, the most 1980s store to ever 1980s itself! George Clooney as the hunky handyman making jokes about Kuwait before anyone knew where it was! The classic slasher-movie spoof with a fake Rod Serling and Blair making people think she was Dippity-Dooed to death!

My VHS tapes of those golden years are crap quality, and I have very few episodes. Come on, if you can keep cranking out seasons of "Knots Landing" on DVD, surely you can throw us Eastland girls a bone.

Note for true fans: The first and second seasons are packaged together for just a measly $23, and the third season is $18. Worth it, even though you don't get the later-season classic episode where they stay up allll night to study and eat. (Natalie: "These are my BRAIN-WAVE conductors...")


Maxwell Hammer said...

Here's the George Clooney Kuwait joke.

Chase said...

I can't believe they haven't released more seasons of this show. I literally check every day for news on when the fourth season is coming out. Maybe they should just release the whole series at once.