Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rainbow Brite cupcakes

I love these colorful cupcakes! And they sound super-easy to make.

I've made checkerboard cake before and dyed the batter different colors, so this is just taking it one step further.
(Thanks to Emily for the link!)


kid-lit-fan said...

My daughter's fourth birthday had a rainbow them, and I did a tie-dye cake; you just pour magenta, yellow and cyan batter into the pan (next to each other, not layered) and swoojle them around with a fork at bit (not too much, or they go a sickly brown!). Similar for the frosting; a few strategic drops of food dye on top of thickly-applied white frosting, a fork--MAGIC!

It took about three minutes to decorate and got higher praise than the carefully-icing-tubed Noo-noo that took over half an hour!

And her fifth birthday had a rainbow theme, and I did a cake similar to these cupcakes. My favorite guest comment was "It's beautiful, it's like...eating a parrot!"

Anonymous said...

They are *easy,* certainly, but they are a royal pain in the rear and VERY time-consuming. That said, they're a big hit with a crowd, so if you've got an appropriate event (such as my toddler son's playgroup's activity night) I'd say it's worth it...