Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rainbow Brite cupcakes

I love these colorful cupcakes! And they sound super-easy to make.

I've made checkerboard cake before and dyed the batter different colors, so this is just taking it one step further.
(Thanks to Emily for the link!)


Anonymous said...

My daughter's fourth birthday had a rainbow them, and I did a tie-dye cake; you just pour magenta, yellow and cyan batter into the pan (next to each other, not layered) and swoojle them around with a fork at bit (not too much, or they go a sickly brown!). Similar for the frosting; a few strategic drops of food dye on top of thickly-applied white frosting, a fork--MAGIC!

It took about three minutes to decorate and got higher praise than the carefully-icing-tubed Noo-noo that took over half an hour!

And her fifth birthday had a rainbow theme, and I did a cake similar to these cupcakes. My favorite guest comment was "It's beautiful, it's like...eating a parrot!"

Anonymous said...

They are *easy,* certainly, but they are a royal pain in the rear and VERY time-consuming. That said, they're a big hit with a crowd, so if you've got an appropriate event (such as my toddler son's playgroup's activity night) I'd say it's worth it...