Sunday, June 14, 2009

Takes the cupcake

I've mentioned before that Rob loves Magic Shell, the ice-cream coating that hardens up like the coat of a DQ cone.

So when I saw a white bottle of Magic Shell, I thought maybe it was marshmallow flavored (a favorite of mine), and immediately put it in the cart. I then learned it was actually cupcake flavor.
Not quite sure what it tastes like, as I tried a tiny bit and it was so overwhelming sweet I blanched at even the thought of tasting more. Oh, and it also has little colorful flecks in it.
Speaking of cupcakes, Not Martha reports that Trophy Cupcakes, the amazing (and amazingly expensive) cupcake place in Wallingford, now has a location in U Village. yum!

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Rebeca said...

I've never really been interested in Magic Shell toppings for my ice cream because I've never been fond of the crunch; I like my ice cream soft, with some chocolate syrup and totally non-crunchy!