Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The best little girl in the world, Sweet Valley style

Damn, I love the Margo Rising Sweet Valley High blog.

Her summary of SVH #74, "The Perfect Girl," is awesome.

Excerpt: "The cheerleaders are, for some reason, “doomed” because SVH needs a new gym floor. I don’t get it. Don’t they practice on the football field anyway? Nevertheless, co-captain Robin Wilson dreams up the idea for a Super Sundae Guinness Book fundraiser that the cheerleaders could do: basically, they’re going to dump gallons of ice cream in a pyramid of kiddie pools, spooge chocolate syrup all over it and then sell “shares.” And the news crew is going to film it before a whooping crowd. Something about that whole scene sounds sort of pervy."

I also love The Dairi Burger, which has a hilarious recap about a book on the most screwed-up teen hotline ever.


cpeep said...

Maybe they're basketball cheerleaders?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the mention! :)