Thursday, October 01, 2009

Kit-Kat craziness

I've written before about the bizarre Kit-Kat flavors we found in Japan. Green tea was our favorite, but there were plenty of others.

They've only continued to add to the menu. Scroll down the Kit-Kat section of the Tasty Japan blog and be amazed! I've mentioned before that "sport drink" and "vegetable" were among two of the most horrid sounding flavors. I think I'd like Ramune, if it really tastes like lemonade. Not so sure about lemon vinegar, though. Also, caramelized sweet potato?


Orchid64 said...

In my experience, the most suspect one was the Oshiruko one. It was pretty bad (and I've tried 24 of them so far).

Quizeen said...

Actually, caramelized sweet potato might be good. There's a candy in Mexico called camote that's essential big chunks of candied sweet potato. It's good stuff.