Thursday, November 12, 2009

But if I asked her, I wonder if she would

There are some songs that can tell the story of an entire world in just two minutes.

I have always thought that the Kinks' "Come Dancing" is an amazing example of that.


mjinmichigan said...

One of my very, very favorite songs. And you're right -- I know that world very well, just from the lyrics and music.

Laurie said...

Mine too - I've always loved "Come Dancing." I recently watched a doc on The Kinks, and either Ray or Dave Davies mentioned that they lost an older sister when they were young. Made me think of this song, and that Ray must have written it for/about her. The video is very cool too.

raidergirl3 said...

I read this post a few hours ago, and Come Dancing has been playing in my head since then.
I forgot about this, and then read my updated google reader, and saw this post just below the EC epiphany, and realized why I've been singing Come Dancing all afternoon.
friggin' ear worm.