Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Best ads

When I used to do the Test Pattern blog at MSNBC, one of the yearly highlights was my summer commercial contest. This year, Ozzy Osbourne for Samsung won, for that delightful series where he uses his phone to both make himself understood and to find a bathroom in his mansion.

However, those ads didn't even make TIME's Top 10 best ads of the year list. I wonder if they passed them over, didn't think of them, or if Ozzy's ads perhaps started airing in 2008?

TIME has a heckuva lot more Top 10 lists if you like that sort of thing.

Just a few:
--Top 10 apologies, TIGER.
--Top 10 sugary brands chasing kids (now that's a specific list!)
--Top 10 worst team names (ahem, banana slugs is an AWESOME name, says the girl whose all-girls high school teams were the Dollies)

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