Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Digital photo frames

Anyone have a digital photo frame to recommend? Drop me a line in the comments, and thanks! Yes, we're thinking grandparents' Christmas present, so ideally it'd be super-easy for them to deal with, although we'd load it up with Miss Kelly pics.


cy said...

We have actually given 3 Ceiva photo frames to grandparents and great-grandparents. Ceiva is (I believe) the only frame that lets you send new photos from anywhere vua the web or cellphone. the frame costs about $100, and you pay about $100 per year for the service contract. The frame has a phone line, and every night at midnight it dials in to a server and downloads any new pics waiting for it. (they have local numbres for everywhere in the country). the frame itself holds 30 or 40 (newer models hold more - i can't keep track) that rotate in a slideshow.

The end result is that for grandparents it is like a magic picture frame, and every day they can look to see if new pics have shown up.

The frame can be controlled over the web pretty well - you can set it to turn off at night and on in the morning, you can change the slideshow speed, etc. You can also load up pics to be delivered on certain dates. You can upload pics through a web interface, through a separate app, from your phone, etc. You can give multiple people access to upload as well, so the whole faimly can send pics to grandma, or whatever.

It might seem like a lot to pay a $100 yearly subscription, but the grandparents and great grandparents LOVE these things. The frame is not the largest out there, but the fact that you can upload new photos from afar makes it the winner for us.

they used to sell them at compusa. i haven't seen them at best buy, so buying online might be the only option nowadays.

Marin D. said...

I love my PanDigital one. It is a few years old but works well and was easy to use. I bought one for my mom a Christmas ago. It is a bigger one. Not a bad price and easy to use. Hope that helps!

Captain Cooper said...

As a post-wedding thank you gift for my parents, my husband and I gave them an Insignia frame--it's whatever Best Buy's internal brand is. It was a bit of a challenge initially to load the photos since I couldn't do it directly onto the frame. Fortunately, I had a spare memory card laying around, so we used that and adding more pictures since then has been a cinch. It's a great gift--they'll love it! We filled ours with pictures of us and our dog and they turn it on anytime anyone comes over so they can show off--it's really cute!