Thursday, January 21, 2010

For Better or FOR WEIRD

I haven't run a "For Better or For Worse" post in a long time, since I just don't read that strip now since it went to a...what was it again? A hybrid strip? A mix of old strips and new panels introducing those strips? Something like that.

But scroll down in this Comic Curmudgeon post for the completely weird one-panel shot of Elly. I don't even wanna know.

(Update: Ha! It's not Elly, it's Connie, but it looked like a youngish Elly to me!)

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MsMolly said...

It's actually not Elly. It's her neighbor... Connie? who's crushing on Elly's brother (who is stringing her along). She's fantasizing about a hot makeout session with his moustache when she gets to the city, where she traveling in a desperate attempt to become a groupie for his band.

Not that that makes it any less weird.